Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Here at the Mai Medical Health Centre we offer one of the leading weight loss programs in the Greater Toronto Area. Our approach to weight loss is superior to our competitors because we treat your body as a whole. It is important to realize that every person has a unique biological signature and is different from others with regards to bodily functions and biochemistry. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal prescription and acupuncture to diagnose and treat the imbalances in each person’s specific metabolic rhythms.

We treat a patient using acupuncture and electro-therapy. Acupuncture points for weight loss and electro therapy to reduce the abdomen size and the shape. We use customized Chinese Herbs prescription for weight loss based on TCM syndrome differentiation to balance your digestion, support your energy, balance hormones, boost metabolism and reduce your emotional and physical stress. We will provide a list of common herbs that will help you along your journey.

Doctor with vegetables and family. Healthy diet and nutrition.A very important part of our treatment philosophy is that instead of pressuring patients to lose weight, we aim to treat the body as a whole. We believe that the imbalances in metabolism and accumulation of negative energy in your body can lead into unfavorable symptoms and conditions which also include obesity. By regulating the whole body, in addition to weight loss, our treatments help patients achieve a higher level of energy, health and vitality. Our program includes acupuncture treatment with electro machines and a package of herbal medicine prescription that is specifically designed for your body type.

At the dawn of the 21st century, humanity is haunted by a widespread epidemic of obesity. Obesity is a metabolic disorder in developed and developing countries and is characterized by weight gain, fatigue and lack of energy. In addition to the concerns that obese patients have regarding their appearance, obesity is associated with serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, Degenerative arthritis, and joint pain, sleeping difficulty, allergy and depression. More importantly obesity is often associated with stroke and heart disease, vascular disease, as well as diabetes and the accelerated aging. The rise of obesity has become a major public health concern and has risen to alarming levels worldwide with the World Health Organization estimating that there will be 2.3 billion overweight and 700 million obese adults by 2015. In Australia, 25% of the population is obese whereas in the US it is estimated that 30.4% of adults are obese.

There are many causes for weight gain which includes having an unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, addictions, thyroid conditions, depression, and poor lifestyle habits and often can be due to multiple factors. Acupuncture is often used to treat weight loss and treatments can be tailored depending on the cause of the weight gain making acupuncture an extraordinarily effective additional treatment to lifestyle and dietary change for weight loss. Researchers have found that acupuncture can lower the BMI, lower total cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. With dietary change, acupuncture is an effective and safe complementary technique to add into a weight loss program. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine offer lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and teach patients groundbreaking breathing exercises to accompany the treatment to complement and enhance the results of acupuncture.

At the Mai Medical Health Centre we believe that the ideal state of well-being is more than just treating symptoms and curing illness. The ideal health care professional prescribes appropriate remedy such that it balances the bodily rhythms, restores positive energy, encourages the maintenance of health, minimizes the future occurrences of disease and ultimately maximizes health, vitality and happiness.