Elen Harthy, B.A, DHMHS, HOM Registered Homeopath

Elen Harthy, B.A, DHMHS, HOM Registered Homeopath

Elen Harthy earned her Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine at Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine  in Toronto, Ontario. Elen is health enthusiast and advocate, who have been using Homeopathy and nutrition to treat her and her children safely, for more than five years. Elen has enjoyed the fusion of homeopathic medicine with other natural, complementary medicines, therapies and diet to stimulate healing and wellness through the balance of mind and body.

When approaching any disease homeopathy helps to eliminate the causes and doesn’t suppress the symptoms. Which restore and empower the echo system in our gut. It doesn’t matter if its bacteria or viral infection. Because in reality white blood cells T-cell and B-cell. They either go and ingest the organism or create the chemical (anti bodies) that will kill the organism. Thus, Homeopathy is increasing the number and the strength of T cell and B cell to fight the organism. After clearing the body of an invading organism B cell retain a memory of its target and rests until another infection occurs.

Homeopathy doesn’t attack bacteria directly it strengthens immune system. And build immunity. This is one of reason people who are using homeopathy have a stronger immune system. That reflects on having less number of acute ailments yearly and a faster recovery period.

In her treatment Elen will seek the gentlest way to help your body restore balance along with the least invasive treatment possible using both Homeopathy and nutrition.

Elen specializes in Homeopathic pediatrics and women conditions.

Children Health
Delayed milestone in babies –delayed dentition-milk allergies-Tonsillitis and adenoid infection-Acute respiratory tract infection in kids – skin infection- Asthma and pneumonia in children-behavior and learning disabilities-Autism and ADHD.

Women’s Health
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome-Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding-Fibroid Uterus- Infertility-PMSEndometriosis-Sexual dysfunction-Vaginal discharges- Dysmenorrhea/Menstrual cramps.

Skin & Beauty
Psoriasis-Scabies-Eczema-Acne-Warts-Hives-Herpes Simplex- Boils/Abscess- Obesity-Underweight-Varicose Veins.


Infantile Eczema

Longevity & Homeopathy
Use homeopathy if you want to support your health and longevity.

The Queen of England, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday travels everywhere with a homeopathic kit that she uses for herself and her family, as did her mother, who also lived very actively until 101.

As a Homeopath, I am not surprised that at her age she is able to keep up with the demands of her role as British Monarch, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

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